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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

ClubUfone - Pakistan localized Social Networking website by Ufone

ClubUfone is a Social Networking website localized for Pakistan, which was launched in 2012 by Ufone. It is just like a Facebook clone, is available in English and Urdu languages and users can use it on computers and mobiles. It was introduced under the umbrella of the Pakistani GSM cellular service provider's youth brand, Uth package.

ClubUfone was initially an exclusive service for Ufone subscribers only. Now anyone having a cell phone can get registered, irrespective of their mobile network. It has almost all basic features of a social networking website: users can post statuses and links, add photos, videos, music and events. Users can search & add friends; chat with each other and can enjoy the Video Chat service also. It also offers an option to create pages for businesses and celebrities (just like Facebook Pages).

It is specifically developed with localized features and language for Pakistani citizens. Users can select Urdu as primary language to operate the website in Urdu fonts. So it targets a number of non-English speaking people also who want to communicate in their national language. It is optimized for phones with minimalist look and feel.

Club Ufone is a new social networking website exclusively for all, providing a platform to come together and stay connected. It is exclusive online networking site that is user friendly and has a stringent privacy policy. Unlike other social networking websites, users can access it in both English and Urdu languages.

Members can simply log on to from their computer or mobile phone and enter the world of Club Ufone. Its purpose is social; where participants will be able to establish friendships. Also, with it, businesses or people can make their own pages that can then be promoted. So whether it is their talent or something they want to share with millions, they now have a platform for it.

Users will also be able to keep themselves updated with the latest news from Ufone and stay up to minute to the new products and services that Ufone has in store. They can also provide their precious suggestions and advises as to how their experience can be improved further. So become a member of this amazing Club Ufone now and keep chatting, post pictures, upload videos and spoil themselves with tons of fun.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Edhi Foundation - Social Welfare Program in Pakistan by Abdul Sattar Edhi

Edhi Foundation is a non-profit social welfare program in Pakistan, which was initiated in 1951 by Abdul Sattar Edhi. The foundation provides 24-hour emergency assistance across the nation of Pakistan and abroad. Its headquarters are situated in Karachi, Pakistan. His wife Bilquis Edhi, a former nurse at first Edhi dispensary, look afters the maternity and adoption services.

The Edhi Foundation offers shelter for the destitute, free hospitals and medical care, drug rehabilitation services, national & international relief efforts and many other social services. It focuses majorly on Emergency Services, Orphans, Handicapped Persons, Shelters, Education, Healthcare, International Community Centers, Blood & Drug Bank, air ambulance services, Marine And Coastal Services.

Edhi was born to industrious Memon community in 1928 in Bantva, Gujarat, India. The family migrated to Pakistan and settled in Karachi, after the partition of India in 1947. He formed his first welfare center and then the Edhi Trust with a little amount of 5000 Pakistani Rupees. A one man operation from a single room in Karachi gradually transformed into the largest welfare organization in Pakistan.

The Foundation's activities include a 24 hour emergency service across the country through 335 Edhi Centers with the fleet of 1800 Ambulances. They facilitate services like free shrouding and burial of unclaimed dead bodies, shelter for the destitute, orphans and handicapped persons, free hospitals and dispensaries, rehabilitation of drug addicts, free wheel chairs, crutches and other services for the handicapped, family planning counselling and maternity services, national and international relief efforts for the victims of natural calamities.