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Friday, February 8, 2013

Rehan School aims to educate 2 billion illiterate people worldwide free of charge

Rehan School is a mobile phone based free of cost education system created for 2 billion people worldwide who can not even read or write their names in any language. It operates without the need of internet, and is totally free to use and distribute. Rehan School uses the most frequently used electronic media device, a Mobile Phone, to become a Learning Device, hence turning into a School.

Rehan School is part of the Supertec Foundation, whose objective is to eliminate poverty from the world. Supertec Foundation is working on extremely hard goal of developing procedures to help make 1 Million New Businesses by the year 2014, each with an investment of only 100 US dollars and producing a minimum of 300 US dollars per month. Supertec Foundation is a US based CSR project of Super Technology Inc., which is a United States based software concern, offering solutions for telecommunications industry. Mr Rehan Allahwala is the founder, president and CEO of the organization. Suzanne Bowen was the co-founder of the 1999 Florida startup.

Educational videos are produced by famous people who have been very kind to give their valuable time to produce Amazing Fun Learning Content. This school is available in all DVD and Mobile Phone Shops across the country in Pakistan and is distributed by the largest Content Distribution company CD Bank Pakistan. The price of this informative material is absolutely Free. But the mobile shop keeper may ask for a little charge of 50 Rupees to Transfer the content in the required format on the cell phone storage. Afterwards this same content can be supplied to someone else from that mobile phone memory card, using wireless Bluetooth for free.


  1. Rehan School, a mobile phone based free education system targets to educate 2 billion illiterate people worldwide.

  2. It is an excellent initiative by Mr Rehan Allahwala of Supertec Foundation. Best of luck to Rehan School in this good cause.